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7 Ways To Make A Woman Happy

How to make a woman happy

A man has the power to make a woman happy.  A lot of the men just don’t realize this because sometimes they can’t fathom what their woman wants in order to stay happy in their relationship. Do you often find women so hard to please?

Have you heard of the saying “Happy wife, happy life”? Do you ever wonder how to actually achieve this?

As a relationship expert, I have spoken to lots of women having trouble in their relationships and asked them what it really takes to make them happy. Most of them only expect their men to do the little things and be consistent about it.  Sometimes it is hard to decipher what women really want. So here are 7 ways to bring more happiness into your relationships and the benefits that follow:

  1. Make her feel special— On the theme that little things count.  Just merely sending a text message and asking how her day is going, would put a smile on her face, instantly! Randomly just send an emoticon, (smiley face, love heart, a flower). Checking on her once in awhile would make her feel cared for, loved and lets her know you are thinking of her.  Can you take a few seconds to send a message? So go ahead and give her a beep…you’ll see a big difference.
  2. Prove to her that “Chivalry is not dead— Being a gentleman isn’t old-fashioned, it never goes out of style. As they say, small gestures speak big intentions. It shows a woman your selflessness and respect for her. When was the last time you opened a car door for her?  Or went out to dinner and helped her get seated?  Give it a try and see what happens.
  3. Make her your priority— Spend time with her above anything else. If you have not had a ‘date night’ for a while, book one.  If you have kids, get them looked after so you can have some one on one time. Hint .. If at all possible leave the mobile phone alone, unless you get permission for an emergency.  Also, keep her involved in your decision making. We all like to have input in decisions that can affect a relationship. This will also make her feel secure.
  4. Little surprisesDo you think most women love flowers, a chocolate, or any little surprise like that? Buying her flowers out of the blue or surprising her with a spa voucher could send her off to cloud 9. Making her blush once in awhile can always enhance your relationship.
  5. Appreciate her and the things she does for you— Tell her you are thankful for what she does for you and the family. Be specific. What is something that she does that you maybe taking for granted? That, when you think about it, you really appreciated her. You may be surprised at her response. .
  6. Show her genuine affection—When you started dating, how often would you hold her hand while driving? How often would you put your arm around her when sitting next to each other? Over the years with your partner, don’t think that your relationship doesn’t need affection anymore. Remember what she likes. When was the last time you checked in with her and actually asked what she really likes and what she may like you to do more of? She will feel heard and will give you an indication of what her needs are.
  7. Pay attention to her— Really listen to her when she tells you something. Sometimes you don’t have to give her advice, sometimes just a lending ear is all she needs.
happy woman happy life

People often forget that a good relationship doesn’t just happen, it takes work. Relationship experts continually have to remind clients that relationships take work and sometimes that work involves some self examination and learning new skills.

Making your woman happy can eliminate a lot, if not all the drama in your relationship. A happy wife can create a happier life, so long as it makes you happy to make her happy.  Get to know what makes your woman smile and be consistent in your actions, more likely you and your partner will have a happy and fruitful life ahead.

These are just 7 common ways to make a woman happy.  There are many more and there can be some special ones that you can discover or rediscover in your relationship.

If you have any questions or feedback or just want to have somebody to speak about your relationship, feel free to reach out and have a conversation with me. Also, feel free to pass this on to anyone you know that may benefit from this.

So if you’ve got any questions regarding this blog or any aspect of your relaionship, why not take advantage of the complimentary 30-minute session I offer. Contact Me to see how I can help you have more healthier and happier relationships.  Until next time.

Marriage Counsellor and Relationship Counsellor - Keith Flynn

Keith Flynn BSc, Dip. Hyp.


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  1. Wow Keith such good advice – I would certainly feel all loved up and very happy if I was to receive even just a few of the 7 things you mention in your article.

    1. Hi Julie, I guess the thing now is how to work out how to help your partner to see that doing a few of those things (willingly) will make a huge difference to how you will feel loved. Men generally don’t get the subtle hints……

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