Who am I?

Hi. Do you ever ask or ponder the question, Who am I? I was speaking  to a client of mine in Canada today and she is doing an online course and one of the modules that she is struggling with is the module called Who am I. The intent of the module is to say, […]

Have You Ever Had A Dream?

Do You Have a Dream? Have you ever had a dream, yet always seemed to find it out of reach for one reason or another? Sometimes it is for circumstances like lack of money, lack of time, lack of support and probably a number of other things that are getting in the way? As a […]

Do You Really Respect Each Other In Your Relationship?

Are you concerned that your partner doesn’t respect you? We all need respect especially from the ones closest to us. In relationships, having respect for your partner may even be crucial than love. When mutual respect is lost, it could mean the end of a relationship. My viewpoint of respect in a relationship is when […]

The Importance of Supporting Each Other in a Relationship.

Have you, and your partner or someone you know had a major crisis in life? Sometimes people have a major crisis in their life and they need a lot of support. I can’t emphasize enough the value of having someone behind your back when you’re having a dilemma. The crazy thing is that the bigger […]

Stages of Grief for Couples in a Marriage or Relationship

This seems like a silly question.  Have you ever had a relationship end? Has someone dumped you or ended your relationship unexpectedly?  Or have you lost someone close to you or something that is important to you? I think it is fair to say that we have all lost something important to us at some point […]

Impact Relationships Have On Children

Do you know the impact your relationship has on your children? If you have children you are probably aware of and experience the saying “children are like sponges absorbing the world around them?” Well, this is true. Whether we like it or not, they are always watching us, everything we do and taking it all […]

How Some Couples Keep The Romance Alive All Year Round

Do you remember the time when you couldn’t take your hands off your partner? One look, one touch, and you’d feel so giddy and inspired to take on anything life throws at you. You both seemed to have too much time and energy for romance, didn’t you? If this is still you, keep enjoying this […]

Why People Don’t Speak Up In Relationships?

Have there been times in your relationship when you wanted to say something to your partner and yet you didn’t say a word? One of the most common stumbling blocks to having a healthy communication in relationships is not speaking up, not sharing our true thoughts and feelings to our significant other. Holding back and […]

Are You Living Always Looking In The Rear Vision Mirror?

How Much Are You Living in Your Past? Do you fear what happened in the past may repeat again? Or that you may never have a future that was as good as some moments in your past? Living in the past (and too much in the future for that matter) can cause problems… It robs […]

7 Ways to Communicate Effectively With Your Partner

Have you ever asked yourself this, How do I get my partner to understand what I’m saying? Or How do I understand what my spouse is saying? Communicating with your partner is oftentimes frustrating. It could even be so hard that it ends up in a heated argument most of the time. What is even […]