Why People Don’t Speak Up In Relationships?

Have there been times in your relationship when you wanted to say something to your partner and yet you didn’t say a word? One of the most common stumbling blocks to having a healthy communication in relationships is not speaking up, not sharing our true thoughts and feelings to our significant other. Holding back and […]

7 Ways to Communicate Effectively With Your Partner

Have you ever asked yourself this, How do I get my partner to understand what I’m saying? Or How do I understand what my spouse is saying? Communicating with your partner is oftentimes frustrating. It could even be so hard that it ends up in a heated argument most of the time. What is even […]

A Better Way To Connect in Relationships and Marriage

 Do you know there is a better way to connect rather than saying “I understand”? When people are upset or frustrated and are telling someone what is going on and what they are feeling and thinking, I often find people say “I understand…” or something similar to try and make them feel better. I used […]

How Important It Is To Be Heard In A Relationship?

One of the common themes I have found working with people and their relationships, is that often their partner doesn’t really hear them. Do you find for some reason your message may not be getting through at times? I also found this in my relationships as well. I will be honest and at times have […]

“In Relationships Compromise is a Dirty Word!”

What is your idea of a compromise? Is it something positive or negative? When we are searching for the love of our life, our goal may be to be with someone who “completes us”. Someone who matches perfectly with our personality and character and that we live with them in perfect harmony and solidarity. Like […]

5 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Are you in a “long long distance love affair”? (I was singing this line when I wrote this, lol) Kidding aside, Have you ever wondered if it is all worth it? Does your partner work away? Perhaps FIFO (fly in fly out) or working long periods in other countries? Long distance relationships can be a […]

Why Most Men Don’t Talk About Relationship Problems?

Lets face it, men are wired differently than woman. And I cover this a bit later on.Firstly, lets start with another view point. One way to look at relationships is, that relationships would be boring if men and women didn’t have any differences. This is what the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From […]