Who am I?

Hi. Do you ever ask or ponder the question, Who am I? I was speaking  to a client of mine in Canada today and she is doing an online course and one of the modules that she is struggling with is the module called Who am I. The intent of the module is to say, […]

Why People Don’t Speak Up In Relationships?

Have there been times in your relationship when you wanted to say something to your partner and yet you didn’t say a word? One of the most common stumbling blocks to having a healthy communication in relationships is not speaking up, not sharing our true thoughts and feelings to our significant other. Holding back and […]

Are You Living Always Looking In The Rear Vision Mirror?

How Much Are You Living in Your Past? Do you fear what happened in the past may repeat again? Or that you may never have a future that was as good as some moments in your past? Living in the past (and too much in the future for that matter) can cause problems… It robs […]

How Do You Handle Rejection in a Relationship?

I was originally going to write about as rejection being something that we have total control over. That we can not feel rejected. That rejection is something in our mind that we can control. That in the past we may have been rejected and believed we had no control over how we felt, created some […]

Who Controls Your Feelings in Your Relationship?

Have you ever heard someone say to you, “You made me angry.” or “You hurt me.” Or another variation where someone has told you that you made them feel a certain way? Have you said that to someone or felt that way? Lets first ask the question, who controls your feelings? If your answer is […]

Hurt People, Hurt People in Relationships

It’s Friday afternoon and I am sitting at my computer preparing for my Conscious Connection Workshop on Saturday. The phone rings and a woman’s voice on the other end of the phone asks “When is the next available appointment?” I explain, “I don’t book appointments straight away. First we have a 20 – 30 minute […]

Who Am I Really?

At the highest and simplest level I have got so far. “I am soul, here to have experiences.”.   I often ask people: Are you your body? Are you your emotions? Are you your mind or thoughts? Who are you? Let me start off with the body. I was watching the Biggest Loser the other night […]

How Important It Is To Be Heard In A Relationship?

One of the common themes I have found working with people and their relationships, is that often their partner doesn’t really hear them. Do you find for some reason your message may not be getting through at times? I also found this in my relationships as well. I will be honest and at times have […]

“In Relationships Compromise is a Dirty Word!”

What is your idea of a compromise? Is it something positive or negative? When we are searching for the love of our life, our goal may be to be with someone who “completes us”. Someone who matches perfectly with our personality and character and that we live with them in perfect harmony and solidarity. Like […]

“What Happens in Relationships When You Change?”

Do you know the biggest challenge and pitfalls in your relationships, when you change? Before we get to that, falling in love is one of the most joyous experiences in your life. But even when you find the right person, having a long-lasting love is not usually effortless. It also doesn’t have to be an […]