Are You Living Always Looking In The Rear Vision Mirror?

How Much Are You Living in Your Past? Do you fear what happened in the past may repeat again? Or that you may never have a future that was as good as some moments in your past? Living in the past (and too much in the future for that matter) can cause problems… It robs […]

Are You Holding Onto Stuff?

My Mum lives on her own in her own house in Rangiora, about 30 minutes north of Christchurch. She has been blessed with pretty good health. The only thing that she takes is a couple of Panadol in the morning to help with a bit of pain in her hip and back as a result […]

The Dark Side of Relationships

Domestic Violence and Dealing with the Past. Warning. This blog is about domestic violence. I was on Facebook tonight and someone I had reached out to during the day had messaged me back. Let me call her Bronwyn. Bronwyn accepted my request to connect, and I had responded thanking her and inviting her to like […]