Are You a Victim or Perpetrator of Abuse?

Do you find relationships challenging at the best of times? When people are under stress they cope in different ways. If really stressed, they can get  into fight or flight mode. And whether intentional or not may create abuse in a relationship. Others just might have a habit of abuse that they have learned somewhere […]

Hurt People, Hurt People in Relationships

It’s Friday afternoon and I am sitting at my computer preparing for my Conscious Connection Workshop on Saturday. The phone rings and a woman’s voice on the other end of the phone asks “When is the next available appointment?” I explain, “I don’t book appointments straight away. First we have a 20 – 30 minute […]

The Dark Side of Relationships

Domestic Violence and Dealing with the Past. Warning. This blog is about domestic violence. I was on Facebook tonight and someone I had reached out to during the day had messaged me back. Let me call her Bronwyn. Bronwyn accepted my request to connect, and I had responded thanking her and inviting her to like […]