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Knee Jerk Decisions Can Be Dangerous


As I am trying to work this out. I go back and relive the evening. I am visiting a friend in the country. A group of us are sitting around chatting. I mention I have a bit of pain in my body and my friend gets me to lay down. She uses some trigger point to work on releasing the pain. She is holding a point on my right side ribs and at the same time a point down the side of my right quad muscle. It seems to be working. A little later it is time to leave and I say my goodbyes. Go outside in the cool crisp fresh silent air of the night. The only sounds are the muffled voices inside the house and the crunching of my feet on the gravel as I am walking to my car.

My car is a small white manual Toyota Corolla hatch. I click the button on my key to unlock the car, get in and put the key automatically in the ignition switch. Turn the key and start the engine. Turn the lights on, back out and drive off. I leave the driveway and am on a narrow sealed country road. I am driving toward the main road ahead.

Up ahead the road forks, there is a gentle arc to the left if drivers want to turn left on the main road and it is almost mirrored to the right for those turning right. Right in the middle of the fork is what looks like a large wedge following the contours of the fork in the road. It is about a metre in height. It almost looks like it has been carved out of iron. I am starting to head down the left fork and at the last minute remember I need to turn right. So I quickly turn the car and the left hand side slams into the wedge severing the front wheel off.

How could I be so stupid? I am in the middle of nowhere, and have just written my car off. How am I going to get home? What am I going to do about my car?

This is how I woke up this morning. The dream is so vivid and real, I feel I need to go downstairs to check that my car is alright. That something has not happened to it overnight.

There are many ways at looking at dreams. I ask myself what could this dream mean for me. The one bleeding obvious meaning, is that making last minute/second decisions can be disastrous.


There are some things I procrastinate on, like doing my tax. Last night at 11pm I decided to get my accounts up to date. My BAS was due the next day. So I am up to 4am getting everything up to date. This is but one example.

In the past I can think of many times I have made a quick, impulsive decision that has cost me a lot of time and money. I am treating this dream as a wakeup call. A reminder to plan, prioritise and stick to the plan. Do some of the things I don’t like doing and just get them out of the way. Like tax returns…..  Putting off going the gym,  waiting for the right time to write a blog….practicing the routine we were taught in dance class, doing the dishes at night… There is a pretty big list of things to be done that I carry around in my head and on lists of paper. Just plan, prioritise and just do it.

If you were wondering, my car is alright, and if I am ever on that road, I will keep going down the chosen fork, even if it takes me a bit longer to get home.

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