Theory Of Mind

Theory Of Mind

Do you know how your mind works? And why you have some of the challenges you have in life and relationships?

For me, when I was searching for answers as to why my life was not working out the way I thought it would, and I was repeating old patterns and self sabotaging, I came across this video. It gave me a new way of looking at my mind, hope that there was a way forward and formed a key foundation in the work I do with people.

This 33 minute video describes in easy to understand language and examples how our mind works. We see how patterns are set up in childhood and why our unconscious mind runs most of our life.

Are you ready to learn:

  • How the mind functions.
  • How we learn behaviours.
  • Parts that make up the mind.
  • How our experiences colour our view of the world.
  • What happens when the critical minds develops.
  • Conflict in the mind.
  • How we develop habits.
  • Why it is hard to break a habit.

Can you now see the trick now is to create new and better choices, new habits at the unconscious level to serve you better in your relationships?

Whether it’s a couples relationship, family relationships, relationships in organisations or between organisations the same principles of Theory Of Mind are at play.

As mentioned earlier, the Theory Of Mind forms a key part in any relationship counselling or relationship coaching. It helps people understand where their habits and behaviours come from and give a framework and the foundation to move forward to create new choices and more functional habits that will contribute to a persons self confidence, self esteem and overall happiness.