Calling In The One by Katherine Woodward Thomas is a great book to set up up for having the relationship you are desiring. You can yse this book to work on your self to clear past relationship baggage and to get clear on the relationship you are longing for..

5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman is a great starting place to answer the question “How do you know I love you?”

Loving and feeling loved is one of our most important needs.

Relationship Strategies by John G. Kappas, Ph.D. gives all the details describing what I refer to the Head and the Heart model.

In the book, the Heart person is referred to as the Physical or Phys and
the Head person is referred to as the Emotional or Emo.

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B Rosengerg give the detail for his body of work referred commonly as NVC.

This is the model I use for authentic communication that cuts through a lot of the crap that occurs in with communication between people..

Don’t Be Nice Be Real by Kelly Bryson is another great book that helps understand and use Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The Prophet by Kahil Gibran is a classic. It has a wonderful philosophy and way for you look at life. On a personal note this book was best companion when my marriage fell apart. There are great chapters on Love, Marriage, and Children for starters.

First Steps by Christine Western is a great book that the other end of relationship.

When people have read the book and visited Christine’s website some people take a good look at their relationships and start doing some working on it.

For others it is to late and this books helps with the separation process. Ideally people can keep it as much out of the courts as possible and work collabratively for the best of everybody.

The goal is to have my first book published in the last quarter of 2017. This book wil contain all the models that I use and have developed to help people easily understand their relationships. It also contains summaries and some key componenents of the books listed here.