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My Debut Radio Interview with Chrissy Morrissy on 6PR, Discussing All Things Relationship in Perth.

Hey it’s Keith Flynn here, just last weekend on Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited to talk about relationships on Perth’s talk back radio station 6PR in ‘The Weekender” segment with Chrissy Morrissy.

A couple of the things I often find people struggle with in relationships are that most people don’t seek help soon enough for relationship issues, and often love is not enough in relationships. And that’s what we spoke about on last Sundays segment.

I share my own experience in my marriage where, while my wife and I loved each other, when I look back we did not have the skills to make our marriage work. I was never taught about relationships, like most of the rest of the population. So I sought to understand relationships at a deeper level. From there I found and created simple models to help many other understand their relationships and relationships dynamics.

Click here to listen to it.

Regardless of where your or your partner feel you are at, or even where your business relationship is at right now, lets be honest, it can always be improved. We all know that for relationships to be at their peak need to be worked on daily. And this is one of my passions and strengths as a relationship expert.

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing people move from where they were stuck and feeling trapped to being more authentic and self empowered in their relationships. Whether this is working with individuals, couples or business’s to help them really connect on a deeper level and being on the same playing field in their relationship.

If you have any questions regarding your relationship, please contact me on my website or call me on 1800 101 902.


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