In Home Relationship Workshops

To make relationship education available in a familiar and friendly environment, In Home Relationship Workshops are being offered.

These are events are for people to gain the knowledge, develop and practice the skills, and be supported to create the new habits that will improve their relationships.

Key to this is having a host who is inspired and motivated to get the ball rolling and bring a number of people together for an initial session.

For the event to run:

  • Need a house or other friendly environment to be provided.
  • 4 or more confirmed and paid up people
  • The event is complementary for the host as they have organised the venue and people

The intended outcomes are:

  • Provide education and actionable strategies to improve participants relationships.
  • Inspire participants to continue relationship up-skilling by:
    – Regular group workshops and/or
    – One on one work.
    – Supporting group members growth

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Relationship Wellness Talks/Presentations

Many organisations now days value the wellness of their staff. When staff are healthy, have a good home and work balance, good relationships with their partner and family, they perform better within their organisation.

Many organisations have Wellness Programs to address;
– Physical health
– Emotional health
– Mental health.

Having good personal relationships impacts all these three areas.

There are many aspects around relationships that can be provide to staff in the form of talks and workshops that can be tailored to your organisations needs.

Contact me now to discuss your needs and how I can help improve the staff wellness within your organisation.