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Do You Have a Dream?

Have you ever had a dream, yet always seemed to find it out of reach for one reason or another?

Sometimes it is for circumstances like lack of money, lack of time, lack of support and probably a number of other things that are getting in the way?

As a relationship specialist, I have always had a challenge with the way I have had to request payment for the services I offer. Would you agree that some people have more money than others? Yet like most people, I have bills to pay, food to buy, a car to run, a mortgage to pay and so on. So I had to have a fee structure that I believed was fair and also was able to cover my bills and modest living expenses.

It has not sat right with me to have to charge the same amount for everyone because sometimes there are people that really need serious help and yet have very little money to pay.  Especially when there are children involved, this can be tough on everyone.

When a relationship breaks down between parents the biggest price paid is by the children.  Particularly children between ages 4 through to late teens.

A New Paradigm

I have been looking for ways to be able to change the paradigm, to change the whole way I can reach and help people with their relationships, especially where there are children involved.

Where there is a Win, Win, Win situation. Where the people with relationship challenges win, by being able to work through and move forward with better relationships. Where financially challenged people can get the help and support they need at the same level as those that can afford it. And where I am able to pay my bills and not rely on set fees.

My Dream

For me, this has been my dream for a long time. Along the way, I have worked with many people and not charged because they were not in a position to pay and they need the support. This at times created financial stress, and then emotional stress when I had to cut back and focus on ‘paying clients’.

So over the past few months, I have been working on a side project that is a Win, Win, Win, and Win.

The bottom line for many people is that lack of money can cause stress and force people to prioritise where they spend their hard-earned dollars. Simple fix…. Make more money.  The question is how?


You will probably be aware or heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  It is in the news regularly nowadays, it is all over the internet, you are probably being spammed about ‘claiming your bitcoin’.

My focus over the last few months has been to understand one of the best ways to generate income with bitcoin for two main reasons. First to help my brother who is facing some serious financial challenges and secondly to realise my dream to be able to request people pay what they can afford when they value the services they receive.

This dream is becoming a reality, simply not fast enough for me and those that need help.

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Win, Win, Win, Win

When this is achieved next year, here is the Win, Win, Win, Win.

The first three have already been covered.

  1. Everybody in need can get help.  Priority will be given to those where children are involved.
  2. Where people pay what they can afford.
  3. Where I am not reliant on requesting payment on a fixed fee structure to pay my bills.
  4. People are actually able to make some extra money for themselves to get ahead.

I still believe in fair exchange for services. It is just that for some who have very little money, a small amount can mean a lot more than to those who have more.


My request is that if you would learn more about what I am doing and would like to support in some way simply contact me.

It might be because you are curious about making more money, or you know someone who you know needs help but can not afford it. Or you would simply like to help me realise the dream quicker and contribute the other lives and their relationships being impacted earlier.


Here’s to more happy, loving, and fulfilling relationships.  Until next time.
Relationship Expert - Keith Flynn
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